June 20, 2012

What's blooming: 6/20/12

The Scarlet Meidiland rose will spread up to 6' and conquer the most difficult of circumstances. The rich, disease resistant foliage backs a blanket of vivid scarlet clusters. The small ruffled blossoms are lightly fragrant and appear from June until frost.

The Pomegranate Yarrow has loads of large velvety red florets from June into August. Lacy foliage is bright green and attractive even when not in bloom. Heat, humidity, and drought tolerant.

We have many different Astilbe to choose from that are all in bloom. The colors range from a raspberry pink, red-purple, white and salmon pink.

Also, we have many varieties of Daylilies to choose from. Right now, the Stella d'Oro Daylily is in full bloom, with bright gold blooms, and is excellent in mass plantings.

This Concord Grape Spiderwort has frosty grey-blue foliage that really holds up well in the garden all season long. The rich, purple flowers are borne in clustersand open up one day at a time and bloom all summer long. A vigorous grower you can plant in well-drained to even boggy soils.

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